Average Labor Cost For Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring Installation is the gold standard in flooring for a reason. It has a classic look and will last a lifetime if well-maintained. Throughout History hardwood flooring installation has undergone dramatic changes as well as the average labor cost for installing hardwood floors have also chaged their way from majestic plantations to modern day technology providing maintenance free wood flooring designed for comfort and appearance.

To date, average labour cost for installing hardwood floors is being revitalized and hard wood floor usage in up-scale homes and places of businesses has been increased to restore the old country charm that once faded .

Average Labor Cost For Installing Hardwood Floors

Average Labor Cost For Installing Hardwood Floors

As average labor cost for installing wood floorings involves varoius things like the retexturing the top layer of flooring material by various methods in an attempts to mimic the rustic appearance of flooring . Depending on the degree of texture required,average labour cost for installing hardwood floors would likely to increase another thing is hardwood material which is often accomplished by highly skilled laboures with specialized tools and years of experience perfecting this procedure. When properly done, results cannot be compared as it has its own beauty , richness and uniqueness which easily cannot be offered in any similar hardwood flooring product.Here are some more factors and costs related to installing gleaming wood floors in your home.

Damaged foundation Removal Costs Vary

A foundation is the base that supports any structure in order for it to stay solid and firm. When this base is not installed properly or the soil beneath is not sound, problems occur that can jeopardize your entire base and structure. The cost of foundation repair can be very expensive if there is major damage. Homeowners expect the foundation to be adequate and dependable but sometimes can be faced with the problem of a base in need of repair. No doubt damage floors will increase the average labour cost for installing harwood floors than estimated budget.

Types of Material

There are many options for flooring material. Low-grade wood such as ash or maple will cost you the least. Expect to pay more for high-grade wood such as oak or Brazilian cherry.All these things should be kept in mind before making final decision as these will afaect your average labour cost for installing hardwood floors.

Type of Design and Methods

With numerous selections of hardwood flooring finishes available, each finish is designed to bring out a different appearance making it a one-of-a-kind work of art. These numerous finish selections include:

• Time worn aged, dark coloring stain application bringing out grain characteristics
• Wire brushed, providing a highlighted “grainy” effect with obvious rough texture
• Hand sculpted, smoother distressed uniform appearance
• French Bleed, staining of edges and side joints with a much darker stain to give a bleeding effect to the wood
• Hand Hewn or Rough Sawn, with visible and noticeable saw marks


It’s also important to note that labor costs will vary by location as well.Some locations have higher rates for hardwoods and for labor than others.You must also consider the location of the jobsite. If in a multi-story building where the jobsite may not be on the ground floor, tools and materials must be brought up elevators and down hallways.

Old Floor Removal Costs Vary

As the old floor is being removed, the sub-floor might be damaged or uneven. The sub-floor needs to be leveled before the installation. Leveling your floor can raise the cost.


Typical mess includes wood scrap, sawdust, and the occasional nail or staple. Keep a lined trash can near the installation area to catch mess as it occurs.


Even if the area where you’re installing hardwood floorings services near me is perfectly square, it’s virtually impossible to purchase the exact amount of flooring. The rule of thumb here is to purchase more than the actual measurement.

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There might be other costs added to your  wood flooring installation near me in total, but the ones presented tend to be the most common.Wood floors can be installed in several styles and methods. The average labour for installing harwood floors will likely to be get affected by what type of installation you choose and the installation method that you prefer.Think wisely before making any final decision.

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