Glue down Engineered Flooring

What You Need To Know About Engineered Wood Floor Installation

 If you are looking for a great flooring company investment, then there are different types available and wood flooring is one of them. You can take advantage of the three options of wood flooring. There are floors that are made of solid hardwood, engineered wood and laminate wood flooring service that you can make use of.

Engineered Wood Floor Installation

Engineered Wood Floor Installation

Engineered: Factors To Consider

 If you want to use engineered wood floors installation, then there are things to consider. Although solid hardwood provides effectiveness and durability, floorings that are engineered are also beneficial and considered a great flooring alternative that you can choose. Floors that are engineered are made by having multiple layers of plywood that are pressed together, glued and cross layered. The type of material that is used for the core tips layers can either be hard or soft plywood. The thicker hardwood floor veneer layer is glued and then pressed on the core’s top surface. If you live in an area wherein there is higher relative humidity level, then engineered wood flooring is a great option for you. Since this type is more resistant to moisture; it is a wise choice to consider when remodeling a basement or bathroom flooring. Engineered wood floor refinishing can be installed using different ways. You can either consider a nail-down floor, glue-down floor or a floating floor.


As for installing an engineered wood floor, you also have the option to do it on your own. One great advantage of DIY engineered wood floor installation is that you can save money. Although it is more practical to do the installation process by yourself because of the money that you can save, there are other important matters that you have to consider.If you plan to do the installation process of an engineered wood floor without a professional help, then it is necessary to be familiar with how to go about laying the floor and you have to know the tools needed too. Flooring styles may require different tools, but there are basic tools that you need to have such as Miter saw, hammer, a combination square, small table saw, a pull bar, a tapping block, a few packages of small wood shims and a jig saw. You need a pneumatic stapler (a tool for driving construction grade staples into different types of materials) when considering a staple-down engineered wood floor installation. When installing, you have to focus on the processes including the preparation of the sub floor, trimming door casings, laying builder’s felt, setting the starter course, flooring toenail, tapping strips, nailing down the floor and the final fitting.

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If flooring is one of your priorities right now and you want to do it on your own, then you need to learn about the basics of flooring as well as the installation process. Knowing the type of flooring that is more appropriate must be emphasized so that you will get the best type possible. You can consider an engineered wood floor installation for its durability, elasticity, ease of installation, convenience and home value.

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