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One way to pretty up hardwood flooring is by having contractors stain the flooring. And while wood floor staining may seem like a pretty easy job to do, many are fooled by its seemingly easy process. While most contractors love to stain floors, others are not very partial to it as there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and therefore, can be troublesome. So, at the risk of sounding cliché, wood floor staining service is an art; one skill that all flooring contractors should possess.

Wood floor staining is no easy feat and every wood staining service job should be done by an expert wood flooring contractor. So many things can go wrong when the job is done left to unprofessional and even contractors can make a common mistake. If anything ever goes wrong, it can cause unnecessary hassle and complaints. But to better understand what solid floors staining entails, we should first look into what concerns and complaints people make about this particular five job.

Wood Floor Staining

Wood Floor Staining

What concerns most wood floor staining customers is not with the staining itself, or even, with how it was applied. Most customer complaints stem from the contrasting colour of the stain they expected to get and the stain that is actually on the floor. There may be manufacturers that provide their customers colour samples that they think they might like, but it should be noted that there are possible factors that can affect the colour of the hardwood, like the lighting, the paint on the wall, the type of wood, and others too. Some contractors wipe some sample stains on the floor after the second sanding, after which they let the costumer decide which works best for them.

Now, the overall outcome of the wood floor staining can be affected by several factors as well. There are many preparations and meticulous detail to pay attention too.

The first attention contractors pay special care to tips to accomplish is the sanding. Sanding is one crucial skill that contractors take their time to hone, especially when they have to stain floors. If  the sanding of the floor has not been done correctly then the wood floor staining would highlight the maintenance imperfections left behind. One of the most common problems imperfect staining causes is something contractors call the “halo-effect”. This is when the flooring takes on different shades of colour. For example, the stain on the floor is one colour on the main area, and around it are lighter or darker pox shades of it.

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Other than some of the thorough details flooring contractors have to make sure, there are also techniques that contractors use to apply the stain itself. Some of the tools they use to apply the stain is through the use of rags, lamb’s wool applicators, and even a carpet remnant under a buffer. Regardless of which of the aforementioned materials are used by a contractor, what is important is that they apply he stain evenly and uniformly. Too little stain can cause blots and uneven colouring, while too much stain result to a bleed back. Either way, both results can cause problems.

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