When it comes to wood flooring service, one of the best and most common ways to keep it in tip-top shape is to coat it with wood finishes.  Hardwood floor finishes also give wood floors the protection it needs from harsh elements, and there are many types of finishes to choose from. The two of the most leading ones are the oil based wood floor finish and the water based hardwood refinish. In this article, however, we will be discussing the beauty of the oil based wood floor finish, and how best to apply it without needing a professional flooring company, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Wood floor Refinishing

Wood floor Refinishing

Most of the time, an oil based wood floor refinishing is more preferable than its water based counterpart. This is because oil based finishes give hardwood floors more depth and color. This type of finish is absorbed more deeply by the wooden floors, penetrating and giving the wood more moisture. The more moisture the wood retains, the more effectively it will keep the wood from drying out over time. Oil based finishes also give the floors a long lasting natural shine.

Now there are two different types of oil based floor finishing. One is the oil based polyurethane, and the other is the oil based engineered wood floor finish. The oil based polyurethane differs from the oil based wood floor finish in a way that the oil based polyurethane does not deeply penetrate the wood. It is merely a plastic-like film that protects the surface and gives it a glossy shine. The oil based finish is more deeply penetrating, and over time, it will give off a more brownish orange color, giving the floor a warmer look.

One distinct disadvantage with oil based finishing maintenace however, is its strong odor. But thanks to new environmental regulations, pungent oil based finishes are slowly diminishing. There are now oil based wood floor finish out in the market with low-VOC, and even ones with none at all. This type of floor finish will also take at least 24 hours to dry out and would take at least two weeks to fully pox cure. Putting this into consideration, it is always advisable to observe proper ventilation when using oil based finish.

If you ever have the time to apply oil based finish to your hardwood services on your own, be sure to follow everything to the letter. Doing this is quite easy to do, and would be more cost efficient for homeowners. It should also be noted that when applying an oil based finish to your hardwood floor, it would require you to coat the floor twice.

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The first coat is a thin layer, followed by a heavier  sealant coat in the second finish. However, you must allow the first coat to dry before you can apply the next one, and each coat would take at least 24 hours. Also, while sanding in between coating is not required, it is recommended that that you buff the second coat to get the most out of that glossy, natural look.

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