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When it comes to best flooring company, many homeowners opt to install hardwood flooring for its many benefits. This is because wood floors are not only easier to maintenance and clean, but it has a classic look that is timeless. Hardwood flooring, however, has many types, of many different species with different characteristics. But one of the most recommended types of wood flooring service is the traditional wood floor products type like oak and maple.

Traditional Wood Floor Products

Traditional Wood Floor Products

Traditional wood flooring is also known as real Hardwood flooring wood floor. There are a number of reasons why we recommend traditional wood types like oak and maple. One of which is its timeless quality. When you go to old houses from different periods, traditional wood flooring is featured at almost every one. Homeowners no longer need to worry about the trend going out of style because of the classic beauty the flooring gives off.

Another reason why we recommend traditional wood types like oak and maple is because it is very durable. It boasts a life span of a hundred years or more, should the proper maintenance be given to it by American Trust Flooring 

There are many different traditional wood types other than oak and maple to choose from. There is also ash wood, cherry wood, steamed beech and other exotic types. Each of these wood types has their own different characteristic that can lend to the room design, depending on how you would like your rooms to look. There are also different widths and thickness you can choose from, so the options for traditional wood types are basically endless.

So all in all, real  is considered the crème of the crop. There is very little to no substitute real or solid wood flooring types, so if what you’re looking to get is some snazzy classic traditional wood flooring, then the real deal wins hands down.

There is, however, one notable drawback to traditional wood flooring. And that is its emulation of wood. See, since solid or real wood types are basically completely made out of wood, they also have the natural characteristic of wood which expands in hot temperatures, and contract in conditions. In the light of this natural reaction, traditional or real wood types of flooring tips  are not advisable in areas where moisture can accumulate, damp and moist areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. Also, you may find that because of the expanding and contracting ability of traditional types, in the summer, when the wood expands, there may be bulging areas on the floor pox, while the floor can leave unsightly gaps during the winter when it lacks humidity.

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If your home is found in an area very near a water source like streams, then it may be best to look into the alternative which is the engineered wood flooring services. This type of flooring still contains real wood, but only on the first layer. Nevertheless, despite its one drawback, many contractors still prefer traditional wood flooring. The durability, classic style, easy maintenance and long life span are the basically some of the main reasons why we recommend traditional wood types like oak and maple. 

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