Traditional Vs Engineered Flooring

Wood floors have become much more popular again in recent years. This is partially due to the fall of popularity in carpeting and partially to do with interior design trends. Modern homes tend to favour neutral and earthier colors flooring than ones based around older designs. This has lead to a greater use in the implementation of wood floors and engineered wood effect flooring company. Their use allows for more attention to be drawn to the smaller elements in a room. The wooden flooring service is a subtle and quiet addition to a room which is appreciated but not overly attention grabbing.

Wood floors

Wood floors

This article will compare traditional wood floors to new laminate wood flooring. The comparison will cover installation, maintenance, appearance and construction. It will be an overall review of the two types of wood flooring popular in today’s market.

First off let’s look at the installation of the wood floors. Getting a new or replacement wooden floor installed is not a simple affair and it will usually need to be installed by an expert. This costs quite a large amount of money relatively speaking when compared to laminate wood flooring. Laminate engineered wood flooring usually follows a tongue and grove click installation process. It is an intermediate DIY task and can be installed by the home owner themselves without too much hassle.

The maintenance needed for genuine wood floors is slightly more than what is needed for engineered wood panel flooring. Wood floors are more susceptible to absorbing dirt, moisture and liquids and so they need to be monitored and cared for. Laminate wood panel flooring is coated with a special top layer that makes them pretty much impermeable. This makes the new panel style flooring easier to wipe clean or mop clean. Apart from this there is not much difference in the maintenance of the two floors. What can be said though is that when wood flooring is getting worn it can be sanded down and re-varnished to look new again. This is not the case for laminate engineered panels which have to be replaced when they are worn.

The appearances of the two types of flooring are very different indeed. Wood floors have more of a natural look to them and rarely look homogenously manufactured, however engineered wood floors look exactly like that. Each one is the same and looks no different to the next laminate flooring. However with real wood there are unique grooves and patterns to it and no floor board looks identical to the one before it. They are contrasting in appearance and the choice for the customer will depend on their tastes. Engineered floors usually tend to be lighter and a more beige color in appearance. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it is quite a common style solid floors.

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The way laminate flooring is manufactured is that many thin strips are layered together and bonded through with an adhesive substance. This gives them a lot of durability whilst being lightweight and thin. This is why it is rising in popularity as the flooring is cheap to make and transport. The savings are passed onto the customer.

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