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Wood Floor or Carpets?

One of the biggest choices you have to make when choosing the best type of flooring for your home is the material you will opt for. Wood flooring company and carpeting are the most popular choices, although you can also consider vinyl and stone/tiled flooring service  too.

Wood Floor or Carpets

Wood Floor ir Carpets

Most homeowners however will either opt for wood floor or carpets flooring, and determining which one would be the most suitable is more than just basing it upon aesthetics. We have listed below the benefits of each type of floor colouring to help you reach your decision:

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Wood Flooring in NYC

Several years ago, wood flooring wasn’t as popular for homeowners due to its expensive cost, however with modern technology and many variants of wood flooring becoming available, it has quickly become a popular flooring option. Most DIY shops and retailers will offer various types of wood flooring, including solid wood flooring, wood engineered flooring and also laminate flooring.

Regardless of the type you choose, wood flooring can provide a professional and warm finish to any home, and can be painted or stained to any colour of your choosing. It is very easy to clean, and ideal for area’s where many people walk through due to it’s hard wearing capabilities.

It is also ideal for kitchens as should you drop any liquids, you can easily and quickly mop it up without worrying whether it will ruin the wood itself.

The drawbacks of wood flooring however is that you are can sometimes be limited to the colours you can use in your home. Although you can paint the flooring, it is difficult achieve to patterns like you would see on carpets, and also it is hard on your feet.

You will need to maintain the flooring every few years, by either re-painting, waxing or staining due to wear and tear.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Carpets

Carpets are one of the easiest and perhaps most affordable ways of sprucing up your home. Unlike wood flooring, you purchase the carpet material off a roller which means it is very easy to lay, as it should almost fit the room without the need for much cutting on installation. You don’t need to worry about lining up the individual boards or edging them together with carpet. As long as it is flush to the wall and trimmed properly, you will achieve a fast and flawless finish.

Carpeting is also easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, however the downside is that should you spill liquids, it could stain. There are solutions which help prevent stains from being soaked tips up by the carpet fibres, and this is recommended should you have children, as it is inevitable to happen!

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Good quality carpets can also last for many years, and fitted with underlay provide a nice soft  bamboo floor surface for you and your family to walk and lay upon. You will also notice a huge variety of colours and styles of carpets available, which helps accessorize the rooms where it will be laik.

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