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Always a popular choice for flooring is hardwood despite the current trends. Instead of fads, hardwood flooring service is a timeless classic – much like jeans in the fashion industry. Being able to complement most types of furniture, this type of flooring is very much sought after. Many families who live in old homes have wooden restored floors. Which are unfortunately hidden under the carpet. With the rise in popularity of hardwood, manufacturers offer a large selection of these soils, which are available in all colors and styles.

There are several reasons why hardwood flooring are a popular option. It is beautiful, warm and comfortable and with care, a lifetime investment. Thus making it an economically prudent option. Other cheap flooring company might be less expensive at the time, but have to be replaced in a few years, thus only providing a short term alternative. For you trendy ones out there, versatility is why hardwood floors would appeal to you, allowing for constant updates in a room’s appearance. With advances in technology, you can now install  bamboo wood in more spaces now than ever.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Despite that however, this type of flooring nyc is still not suitable for below damp and wet areas such as cellars or bathrooms. Of course, if you have a wooden floor in spaces that sport the occasional wetness, do opt for laminate finishing instead. With an under-layer that is moisture absorbent, they provide water protection against water damage. One of the most important decisions in the selection of hardwood is the type of wood itself. Solid wood floors are naturally beautiful and are available in oak, maple and yellow pine. they can be ground and filed multiple times, and come in finished as well as unfinished forms. There are however, some disadvantages of solid wood as to their boundaries, where they can be installed, and how to install them.

Since the solid wood does not float on a surface, it must be hammered in and nailed down. This requires the need for professional installation, unless you are an experienced DIY handyman. With these restrictions in mind, people might decide it is easier to install reconstituted wood. Not to mention, the alternative is cheaper. Engineered wood is a veneer of thin wood on plywood. Although it is not solid wood, it looks very identical with solid wood and is a much cheaper option. And since it is not strong, it can be installed directly onto the base or on a concrete slab. The format is much like laminate flooring, installed with groove and tongue insertions.

If you are not yet swayed by the drawbacks to solid wood flooring, there are also many exotic wood selections and imports that are rapidly gaining popularity. The interesting part of exotic plants is that they are actually cheaper than the more traditional choices. Exotic species leopardwood and amaranth are from South Wales and South America respectively.

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Resident species can also be purchased also as a laminate, to provide an easier and more affordable install. Reclaimed wood floors are made of recycled materials and are a great solution in the search for environmentally friendly floors. Darrell Potter, Vancouver recently wrote on various decoration tips and advice to maintain your home and hard wood floors. created August 21-24 2013

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