Wood Floor Moldings

One of the greatest ways of improving the look of your home generally is to re-decorate, and lay new floor coverings such as carpet or solid plank flooring service One of the points that many people tend to overlook however are how the different areas of flooring are going to connects to each other, particularl when there are varying surfaces heights and types of flooring cheap company coverings in use.

We have put together a short guide on the different types of wood floor molding products what you can use throughout your property. These are:

End Moldings (Sometimes referred to as an End Cap)

End molds are a finishing pieces used where two surfaces meet, but they are uneven. An example of this could be a natural stone floor services fitted alongside a solid or laminate. The height of both these flooring types will unlikely be even, therefore an end mold is used to provide a suitable trim between the two.

Wood Floor Molding Products

Wood Floor Molding Products

T Moldings

One of the more common types of molding is the T Mold. As the name suggests, this mold is in the shape of the letter ‘T’ and provides a great and professional trim between two even floor surfaces, and is most commonly utilised between doorways.


A reducer is a mold what helps ease the transition between 2 flooring surfaces of varying size. When the height differences between these surfaces is too much for an End Mold to be used, a reducer can help lessen the overall appearances of this and make the transition from one flooring type to another almost seamless.

Stairnose Molding

Covering a staircase with your preferred floor covering can at times be difficul y when you want to utilise hard wood flooring. Laying the hardwood upon the staircas isn’t difficul , but ensuring a professional wood refinishing to the edge of each stair tread can be. Thankfully, you can purchas stairnose moldings that fit onto the end of each stair tread, and what provide a short rounded lip to make each step on the stair.

Stair Tread Molding

A stair tread molding is very similar to a stair nose molding, except the differences being that with a stair tread version, it also includes the hardwood of your choices. Instead of having to lay down your flooring separately to the stair nose mold, you simply lay the stair tread molding in its entirety.

Quarter Round Molding

When laying any type of hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, you will need to leave an edge around each room to allow the floor to expand and contracts. Once the flooring has been completely laid, a quarter round mold is used around the edge to provide a seamless molding and professional transition between the flooring and the wall/skirting trim. Quarter round moldings can be get in various size, so make sure you purchase the right type to suit the gap you have left.

Purchasing Your Molding

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When planning to lay any type of flooring in your property, it is best to plan everything thoroughly beforehand, including the types of moldings you will require, and ensure you can find them in suitable wood styles and colors to same your flooring. Plain moldings can also be stained to your wood flooring should you wish to do this.
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